We inspect and test in Southwest Florida including Sarasota, Osprey, Nokomis, Venice, Englewood, North Port, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Rotonda West and the Cape Haze peninsula.

We test for mold, indoor air pollution contaminates, Chinese drywall, and sick building syndrome issues. When choosing the right indoor air quality or mold testing company the value of experience cannot be overstated. We have 22 years experience as a licensed home inspection company.

We provide professional-quality services on condos, homes and commercial buildings large and small.

Indoor Air Quality

In most cases, the mold is visibly present and can be collected in the form of a bulk sample. In some cases the mold is not visibly present or is concealed behind interior surfacing materials such as drywall, insulation, carpet or padding, cabinetry etcetera, therefore indoor air quality testing must be performed in order to quantify indoor mold levels and determine if a mold problem exists.

The indoor air sample is collected with a special pump that pulls air into a collection trap, sometimes referred to as a spore trap. Indoor air samples should always be taken after a mold remediation is performed in order to verify that the structure has been cleaned properly. All mold samples whether bulk or in a spore trap are delivered to a laboratory and examined by a qualified person under a strict chain of custody. Test results are provided to the inspector who can then provide a report on the analysis.

Mold in a home is a major hurdle to getting it sold. If you are the seller’s agent, you must ask if there has been any water damage in the home. Then you must inform the seller of all the problems associated with water damage: that water damage must be disclosed, that the buyer could find mold on inspection, or that the home may be stigmatized by some insurers who may insist on a mold inspection before insuring the home for the new buyer.

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