Get Peace of Mind and Save Money!

A wind mitigation inspection may help save you money on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

We survey and inspect your home, take the photos, fill out the forms and deliver them to you or your insurance agent. Your insurance company will determine the amount of your discount.

How it Works

A Wind Mitigation inspection is performed for a homeowner and is information which is transferred to a form which is given to the homeowner’s insurance company. This type of inspection is simply to state certain areas of the home and how they would stand up to high winds. The insurance company processes this report and in turn rates the home according to the information and grants the homeowner discounts on their policy premiums based on that information.

These inspections cannot be performed by an inspector unless they hold certain qualifications which are accepted by the insurance underwriter. Wind Mitigation inspections are $100.00. The reports are either left with the homeowner or faxed or e-mailed to the insurance agent. This is based on the homeowner’s needs and wishes. For more information or to schedule your Wind Mitigation inspection, please call.

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